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At Happinest, we empower the futures of our children with an enriching learning journey. Our holistic approach to education goes beyond academics. We teach, empower, inspire and prepare your child for a brilliant future.


Find Happiness
at Happinest

We are a Premium Student Care Centre offering the most holistic after-school programme to help our students achieve academic confidence and excellence while maintaining their emotional well-being.


Our Irresistible Traits:

Effective Curriculum
Fully Equipped with Facilities
Quality Educators
Nuture with Love
Convenient with Transportation

Early is the best time to start.


Exclusive preparation course to ease our little ones into primary school life.

Primary 1 & 2

Gain independence and build routines for a good start to primary education.

Primary 3 & 4

Our independent thinkers venture into the world of Science and analytical thinking.

Primary 5 & 6

Getting ready to step into their teenage years, our analytical thinkers gain maturity and mastery.

Uncertain about whether Happinest is right for your child?

No worries, we understand. Our programme is so unique. It is hard to use a website with words to tell us apart from others. Come talk to us to learn more about what has convinced parents to help us grow into the most successful student care around.