Special programmes for the holiday season.


Holiday Workshops & Activities

The long school holidays can be dull and draining for our little ones. Stay away from those screens and embark on a new adventure everyday with out workshops and activities. Specially curated and thought out, every holi-day at Happinest allows our children a fresh enriching experience.

Workshop Categories

Our programmes are well-balanced to interest the die-hards and intrigue the little adventurers. Our workshops and activities are broadly categorised into:

  • Science

  • Outdoors and Sports
  • Excursions & Trails
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Art n Craft

Program fee

Varies accordingly

Workshops offer a canvas for self-expression and creativity. From arts and crafts to science experiments, these sessions inspire children to think outside the box, fostering a sense of innovation that traditional schooling may not provide.

Workshops also expose children to a variety of subjects they might not encounter in their standard classes. This exposure can spark newfound passions and interests, helping children to identify their strengths and preferences for potential future career paths.

Uncertain About the Right Program for You?

No worries, talk it over with us, or feel free to visit our class – you’re always welcome!


Early is the best time to start.