About Us

The Premium Student Care Branch of Deven Lim Professional Educators Pte. Ltd.

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Our founding

In more than 15 years of his teaching experience, our founder, Mr Deven Lim, found that students lacked a programme that can impact their lifestyles so that learning can be made much easier than it looks. Hence, Mr Deven Lim founded Happinest Student Care to provide a holistic learning environment that can be the base of students’ every aspect of learning.

By incorporating Mr Deven Lim’s effective tuition curriculum into traditional student care, Happinest offers a first-of-its-kind day boarding programme to align students’ education goals.

We firmly believe that in gaining academic competence in the most effective way while developing an exemplary character will ultimately result in the true happiness of a student.

  • Serving students from more than 10 top schools across Singapore
  • Tao Nan School, Kong Hwa School, Maha Bodhi School, ACS Junior, Red Swastika School, etc.


Starting off from a humble two-storey landed house along Pulasan Road, Happinest grew from a small boutique student care with a handful of students to the leading student care with more than 100 students in less than 3 years.

At the start of November 2021, we shifted to a brand new premise along Joo Chiat Road to offer our students more space and better facilities. With more than 5000 square feet of space, we are able to specially design our new premise to be self-sustainable with internal toilets & showers. We also have a well equipped kitchen for our Auntie to cook up delicious and nutritious meals for our students.

Always Remembering

We have grown so much as a business by expanding our premise, improving on our facilities and increasing our student enrollment. However, we will always remember the founding mission of Happinest.

We started off being different. We did not even call ourselves a student care. We revolutionised a traditional student care business into an education-care business with focus on both the academic and character development of our students. With the support of parents who believed in us, we put our students through our programme with these objectives in mind:

  • To cultivate the right values in our students to build accomplished independent learners with positive learning attitude.
  • To make good use of after-school time so that families can have proper family time. We believe that doing homework with your child is not considered family time.
  • To put our students through fun experiences and interactions so as to broaden our student’ view and widen their horizons.

We go through the tough times with them, knuckling down during exam preparations. We enjoy the sweet moments with them, seeing the accomplishment on their faces with every improvement. We see their change from innocent children to mindful & purposeful thinkers. We have grown so much but our students have grown much more! We strive to always deliver what we set out to do from the start!