Primary 1 & 2

Foundation & Exploration


Boarding Programme

Our full fledged boarding programme is a “first-of-its-kind” after-school student care programme that incorporates every aspect of a student’s learning ( Tuition & Enrichment ). With immense focus on academics and inculcation of values and habits, our students display independence in their learning and their lives.

Course Synopsis

We: ensure our students make good use of their after-school time. With immense focus on academics and values inculcation, we build the foundation of our youngest children. We encourage them to be creative and curious learners – cultivating a positive mindset about learning and preparing them for their future endeavors. We design activities and programmes to help our students understand themselves better.

Key Objective:

  • Strong Academic Foundation
    To Prepare our students for the later and more difficult stages of primary school life
  • Independent and Positive Learning Attitude
    To instill the mentality that learning is the way of life by sparking their interest and building their confidence
  • Character Development
    To Empower children to become confident, considerate and respectful of themselves and others by providing them with emotional support and teaching good manners, etiquette and social skills.

Program fee

S$890 /month
What's included:

Our programme is designed and structured to keep cost low for families. With tuition and enrichment incorporated into our programme, families can look to save up on signing up for extra classes separately.

Furthermore, by starting with us early in Primary 1, parents can enjoying more savings by avoiding the need to send your child to endless tuition classes as your child approaches upper primary. Parents can also look to save the time and effort of ferrying their children to separate classes at different locations.

Uncertain About the Right Program for You?

No worries, talk it over with us, or feel free to visit our class – you’re always welcome!


Early is the best time to start.