Exclusive Preparation Course
ONLY for our students heading into our Primary 1 programme


Happinest Pre-Primary Preparation Course

Stepping into Primary School is critically important. At Happinest, our experienced teachers and staff help to facilitate and ease this period of adaptation. That’s what separates us from the traditional student cares.

Our students will get to know their teachers and friends in advance, lightening the anxiety they might have stepping into the unknown world of PrimaryEducation. Our orientation will best prepare them for what lies ahead.

Course Synopsis

In addition to orientating our little ones to the new environment and routine, our preparation course includes:

  • English & Chinese Reading and Writing Class
  • Exposure to Instructional Language
  • Basic Math Skills & Concepts
  • Individual Assessment

Program fee


Our programme is designed and structured to keep cost low for families. With tuition and enrichment incorporated into our programme, families can look to save up on signing up for extra classes separately.

Furthermore, by starting with us early in Primary 1, parents can enjoying more savings by avoiding the need to send your child to endless tuition classes as your child approaches upper primary. Parents can also look to save the time and effort of ferrying their children to separate classes at different locations.

Uncertain About the Right Program for You?

No worries, talk it over with us, or feel free to visit our class – you’re always welcome!


Early is the best time to start.