Introducing Happinest Student Care

After months of operation, our team felt strongly about the need to be represented by a name that portrayed our true ideal. We went into deep reflection and meditation to understand and find a deeper meaning of our existence. Hence, our vision of our ultimate mission has become clearer than ever before. And here I present to you – Happinest Student Care.

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As our name evidently suggests, we strive to provide a home for students where they can come to learn while feeling comfortable.

What is not so obvious is the meaning behind the word “happi” (happy). We want our students to be happy. However, our belief is that being happy for a student is much more than just letting them have fun during their time with us. Afterall, are students really happy if they are piled with uncompleted work, scheduled for endless tuition that takes up all their family fun time?


We want our students to attan true happinest by means of:

Being Confident

We want our students to excel in their studies, be confident in their own abilities and always willing to step up to new challenges.  We want our students to readily acquire knowledge and have a diverse understanding of the world.

Being Loved

We want our students to have a good balance between learning, having fun and enjoying family time. We want our students to be loved by their family, their teachers, their peers and people around them.

Being Independent

We want our students to be self-motivated and responsible. We want them to be able to make their own personal decisions rationally.


Being Happy

We want our students to play with nothing on the back of their minds, to play knowing that they have done their best in everything they have done and to play with no regrets.

Ultimately, we want our students to come to Happinest to attain Happiness!

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