Primary 3 & 4

Active Learning and Exxperimentation


Happinest Primary 3 & 4 Programme

Our full-fledge boarding programme is a “first-of-its-kind” after-school student care programme that incorporates every aspect of a student’s learning ( Tuition & Enrichment ). With immense focus on academics and inculcation of values & habits, our students display independence in their learning and their lives.

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Active Learning & Experimentation

Our boarding programme strikes a perfect balance between maintaining our student’s academics and maintaining their interest in learning. After having built a foundation, our students will be engaged in more learning as schoolwork intensifies. They will start to develop their best work routine and understand their individual learning style.

The sense of responsibility inculcated in our students will urge on their hunger for knowledge, for improvement and for greater challenges. Through our enrichment activities and tuition aid, they will stand out among their peers and display confidence in learning that will make them happy to learn even more.

Best Time To Build A Good Work Routine

The step up from Primary 2 to Primary 3 is often neglected. The increased school workload together with a new subject ( Science ) and Co-curricular activities (CCA) will pose a challenge to students. In effect, less time to given to accomplish more learning and work. It is during this time that our students are guided to in the best way to help them handle the stress and keep them motivated to learn.

Key Objectives:


too late to start a good work routine.