Happidollars – The Legal Currency At Happinest

It has been almost 2 months since the implementation of a reward currency at Happinest and we are already seeing the benefits that come along with it. Happidollars Reward System Students are given a fixed number of dollars each week and some might get their dollars deducted for any misbehaviors. At any point in time, students can use the happidollars they have to pay for a variety of rewards which are priced based on their desirability. For instance, a pen/pencil

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Secret to Writing An Outstanding Composition for Upper Primary Students

Did you know that Composition in the English Paper 1 is the section with the most room for improvement? Did you know that most students who misses out on an A* for PSLE usually constantly under-perform for their Compositions? Did you know that it is HIGHLY POSSIBLE to score above 35+/40 for Compositions to give you a high chance of A* for PSLE? My name is Deven Lim. I have been teaching for more than 15 years and have helped

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